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Our exercise programs – specifically tailored to your needs

We are specialists in prescribing exercise to improve your health. We treat all muscle, tendon, ligament and bone issues you have.

We develop a strength and mobility program that will help to reduce your pain, inflammation and improve the control of your spine during movement. Resistance exercise increases your muscular strength and helps improve your capacity to perform daily activities. We will work with you to help identify anything aggravating your back pain and give you a plan to work towards having a healthier spine for the future.

Weight Loss & Muscle Gain

We formulate programs specific to your level of strength and in line with your goals. Your tailor made program will help you improve your overall fitness and achieve your specific goal. Strength based training is crucial for weight loss and muscle gain. We will design your weekly program and upload it on an app to make it simple and easy to get your sessions done!
Injuries are very common but overcoming them can be a hard and long journey. We have the most advanced testing gear to ensure your injury rehabiliation stays on track. Getting you back to full strength as soon as possible after surgery is the main goal. We engage you in a resistance program pre and post surgery aiming to improve your recovery, help make rehabilitation easier post surgery and reduce your risk of re-injury. 

Test your strength levels before and after a specific training cycle or when returning to the gym after an injury. The force plates and handles assess your push, pull, jump and squat to see how strong you are and how quickly the muscles generate force. We can see in real time any differences between the limbs. This is a must if you want the best out of your training!

We offer personal training by Exercise Physiologists within our amazing private gym or can help you in the comfort of your own house with our online sessions. 
We have the expertise to understand your condition and build exercise programs accordingly for positive health improvements. We can help keep you accountable to your goals every week.
We implement treatment plans to help you improve your balance and confidence. At the same time you will be improving your muscle mass and making a positive impact on your bone health at the same time. We also accept referrals from your GP under a Medicare Team Care Arrangement for Chronic Conditions (E.g. Osteoporosis)
We provide seminars and workshops at your workplace. We also provide these online and do individual consultations aswell. Our most popular ones:
-Posture and Neck Pain Seminar
-Lower Back Pain and Mobility Workshops
-Virtual HIIT classes (strength, mobility and boxing)
We can help design workplace challenges to get your team working and moving together!
We can build you an effective periodised strength and conditioning program for your athletic goals. Planning your cycles of training around timelines is crucial to avoid any overuse injuries and successfully complete your event. We have helped clients: climb Mt Everest, run ultra marathons, return to high level competitive sport.

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About Rachael Kent

B.ExSci, M.ExPhys, ESSAM, AEP
Director Exercise Lab
Exercise Physiologist
Rachael Kent is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Exercise Scientist with Exercise Sports Science Australia. She was awarded a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation in 2012, and achieved a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2011. Since completing her studies, she has done extensive professional development in a variety of areas including shoulder and neck rehabilitation, lower limb pathology and injury management, spinal strengthening and rehabilitation as well as women’s health workshops.

As an Exercise Physiologist, Rachael specialises in resistance-based exercise and movement for the prevention, management and rehabilitation of disease and injury. Her skills in exercise prescription, behavioural change and reducing future injury risk are essential to why she is very successful in assisting her clients to achieve their goals.

Rachael has a strong interest in helping people recover from musculoskeletal injuries, manage chronic conditions and implement programs to prevent chronic conditions, rehabilitation pre- and post-surgery, sports specific training, and addressing athlete training load.

She believes that a holistic approach to exercise is the crucial foundation of a healthy lifestyle and improves the capacity to incorporate exercise into a daily routine.

She has played a variety of sports at the highest level and understands the importance for the human body to be functioning at its optimal best on a daily basis. Rachael utilises her experience from her sporting background which enables her to get the best out of her clients. She understands how important it is to plan and prepare to succeed and she specifically develops individualised programs for each client using appropriate evidence-based guidelines.

If you would like further information or want to book a consultation with Rachael, please call BOSIC on 8599 9811 or email rach@bosic.com.au



About Pip Tockuss

B. ClinExerPhys, ESSAM
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Accredited Exercise Scientist
Pip Tockuss is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise and Sports Scientist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia. She is enthusiastic about empowering clients to take control of their health through education and exercise. Pip has a strong passion for the musculoskeletal system, particularly creating strong preventative foundations to enable lifelong movement and mobility.

Pip’s love of movement began at a young age with her dedication to gymnastics, competing and coaching young athletes at an elite level for almost 20 years. She has delivered a broad range of movement programs to a full range of ages and diverse abilities. During her final years of study, she expanded her sporting knowledge while completing her internship with New South Wales Rugby League working as a performance analyst.

More recently, she has worked within the area of body composition analysis, helping athletes to monitor changes to benefit their performance and guiding clients on their journey to better metabolic health.

Outside of work you can find Pip as a resident snowboarder in the mountains during winter or enjoying the sunshine paddling boarding throughout the summer.

If you would like further information or want to book a consultation with Pip, please call BOSIC on 8599 9811 or email pip@bosic.com.au



What is Exercise Physiology?

An Exercise Physiologist is a specialist who specifically deals with exercise and movement to help prevent and manage injuries and chronic conditions. They are the highest qualified trainers, holding a four-year university degree and an in-depth knowledge of the human body.
An Exercise Physiologist delivers a holistic program based around each individual, identifying their goals based on exercise, behaviour, movement and nutrition. Resistance-based exercise forms the foundation of any program and this allows for specific individual progressions determined by a client’s current training status, movement capacity and end goals.
An Exercise Physiologist can train a wide variety of individuals thanks to their vast clinical knowledge and ability to prescribe exercises. So whether you’re someone who hasn’t exercised for aeons or whether you’re a seasoned athlete who needs a training program for a marathon, get in touch with our exercise physiologists and they will put you on the right track.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Why would I choose an Exercise Physiologist over a Personal Trainer?”

An Exercise Physiologist are the highest qualified trainers, holding a four-year university degree and an in-depth knowledge of the human body. Due to this knowledge and expertise, you will receive greater education, individualised rehabilitation programs that are results driven and have lower risk of injury.

“Is there parking available?”

Parking in Barangaroo is limited however we are located within minutes walk of Kent St which has plenty of parking options. Alternatively for public transport options we are located directly in front of Barangaroo Ferry Station and 200m walk from Wynyard Train Station.

“Do I need a referral from the Doctor prior to seeing an Exercise Physiologist?”

No. Doctors referrals are only required if you have been referred for treatment following a workplace injury (Workcover) or under a MEDICAL PLAN (EPC).

“What type of sessions do you offer?”

We have both private (one on one) and semi-private (small group) sessions available depending on your needs.

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